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Introducing ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode

Sharing data and information with all employees in an organization through a dedicated SharePoint intranet site is undeniably crucial to the success of the modern workplace. Having one source of data for a team or department is equally important. Presenting content that inspires success in communication, collaboration, and achievement of milestones towards the company’s goals requires creativity and imagination paired with the best tool technology has to offer. 

We are truly excited to introduce the ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode: a SharePoint intranet site design tool optimized to provide you with a real-time and live design experience paired with intelligent features on top of the functionality already enjoyed with ShortPoint. This is another step forward to make life as a designer effortless.

Note: ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode was formerly known as Visual Builder and Grid Mode was formerly known as Wireframe Builder. Also, ShortPoint Page Builder version 7 and below are now referred to as Legacy Page Builder.


Enjoy The New User Experience

ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode provides you with a new look and feel to the workspace that allows you to focus on your intranet design work. Upon adding a ShortPoint web part, you are greeted by the Isolate Mode. It distinguishes the ShortPoint interface from the rest of the SharePoint page and highlights the action buttons you need to start designing.

You also get flexibility in the path you wish to take as an intranet designer. You can select Choose Layout which allows you to start out by defining your page layout, how many columns you need in one Row, and how their widths are distributed. From there you can add Design Elements and put together the content of your page.

If you opt to build your page using carefully designed templates, you can choose to open the Templates Library. This feature integrates the well-loved ShortPoint page and section templates into the product. Here, all you have to do is select and insert the templates that you need.

new live mode paths

Let Your Vision Guide Your Design

Get a purely visual design experience with ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode. Choose your layout, add design elements, and customize properties while seeing the page in real-time. 

EasyPass controls for individual design elements are available on the page and allow direct access to modification options you can apply to achieve your desired result. Switching from the Grid Mode to the page preview several times while editing is no longer necessary. Selecting an item in EasyPass provides an active mode where you are only making and seeing changes for one design element. You will not see distracting controls that are for other design elements when in this mode. 

Resizing design element spacing is also straightforward with Hot Actions. Determine the perfect padding size for a design element by dragging handles visually. Get instant equal spacing by setting Hot Actions to mirror left and right margins as you move the handles to either side. What you see while you edit the page is what you get as a result.

The Text Editing experience is made easier with access to the Rich Text Editor right on the page. Double-click a text design element and you will instantly be in text editing mode where you can select from the different text formats and style options. You will also be able to add Inline Design Elements that will make your text exciting and interactive.

EasyPass tags

Enjoy Quick Access to Action Keys

We are making our user interface more intuitive and responsive through the Action Toolbar. It is a floating toolbar containing keys to priority actions that a designer needs to be available at any point in the design process. It is always present on the ShortPoint interface yet can be collapsed when there is a desire to view the whole page without obstructions.

action toolbar

Secure Edits As They Are Completed

With ShortPoint, having so many design elements for your SharePoint intranet site page and customizing them is easy, you might want to lock pockets of your work once they are completed. Live Mode gives you the functionality to lock a group of design elements within a section down to just one design element to secure and prevent them from being changed as you continue working on other areas of your page. When collaborating with other designers, you can easily identify who else is working on a part of the page by checking who has it locked from editing.

lock for editing

Review And Restore From Edit History

All edits made when you are in Live Mode are stored, making it easy to backtrack and restore from a specific change that was made. Whenever you add a ShortPoint design element, revise content, modify some settings, and customize specific features, you will find them recorded in the Design History window. Evaluating where you made adjustments to see what can be improved can be done in a flash. Taking back modification errors is effortless, and restoring previous versions of your work will not be complicated and time-consuming.

Edit history

Build With A New Grid Mode Experience

The ShortPoint Page Builder Grid Mode you are used to is getting a makeover. Yes, we have not forgotten about the trusty Grid Mode our existing users are familiar with and have learned to love. We made cosmetic and practical improvements to our user interface that will complement the new features in Live Mode as you build your SharePoint intranet pages. You still get the outstanding functionality of the Legacy Page Builder with a splash of color and fluidity to bring in a supercharged user experience.

grid mode

Benefit From New Intelligent Features

We are continually looking for the best solutions to address and satisfy your needs. ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode will continue to deliver new features for a unique and effortless experience in designing SharePoint intranet pages. Look forward to advanced features that target key functionalities you need to achieve your design goals.

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